Wednesday, 28 May 2014

John Matthews | How can Happiness be a negative?

10 Vessels Wildwood Tarot Happiness

We received a question this week from a Wildwoodean via Twitter asking how a card such as the 10 of Cups, which is over-brimming with happiness, could ever be considered negative, as when it falls in a position such as ‘Actions to avoid?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

John Matthews | 9 and 10 Stones

Reaching Home – the Nine and Ten of Stones

A number of people have commented over the years on the fact that in The Wildwood Tarot the two cards, the Nine and Ten of Stones seem to be reversed. Traditional meanings for the Nine of Pentacles (Stones) include affluence, achievement and a more settled way of life; while the Ten is about realising one’s potential, archiving things and creating a settle home environment. They are thus quite closely related, and are traditionally seen as ending the sequence of the suit by bringing to fruition the efforts exercised by the previous Eight.

Many of the changes implemented in the deck came about as a result of working with the pattern of the Wheel of the Year. The process thus revealed was revelatory. We could see the progression of the Fool through the Wildwood more clearly than ever before – and when it came to these two cards we felt that the traditional conclusion was arrived at too quickly. Rather than seeing the Nine as a point of rest and reflection, of achievement and completion, we wanted to show how the recognition of this lead naturally to a consideration of the established patterns and rhythms of life – in other words, tradition. Tradition is the holder of these things, and can always be accessed. Only then, when we have into focus the magical possibilities of life, can we safely reach the haven of Home (Stones 10)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Caitlin Matthews | Keeping The Hermit's Lantern Shining at Hawkwood

Hawkwood College
This year John and I celebrate our 28th annual December gathering at Hawkwood College, which has become our midwinter mystery school, open to anyone who wishes to deepen their experience. Hawkwood College is a gracious Cotswold house in the limestone hills above Stroud in Gloucestershire. It has been an adult college since 1948. With its own grounds, mature trees, and a spring, it has a wonderful atmosphere, with comfortable rooms and nourishing food. It is our second home and the place of gathering for many of our friends and students.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tarot Landscapes | Stroud 13-15 December 2013

Join three international tarot creators this solstice as CaitlĂ­n & John Matthews and Mark Ryan explore the magical landscapes of the tarot.

With new spreads and deep ways of interacting with tarot, we will conclude our divinatory adventures through the tarot landscape with a group ritual The Paths of the Wildwood. Bring at least one tarot! This course is held in a beautiful 19th century Cotswold house, once the home of the Capel family and now a Steiner College: set in its own gracious grounds, with ancient trees and a sacred spring, Hawkwood has been the home of the Matthews’ annual open mystery school gatherings since 1985.

We are joined by special guest, Mark Ryan, who returns home to UK to join for this once in a lifetime magical weekend.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

John Matthews | The Wildwood Rides Again!

Wildwood Rides Again - the Second Edition.

When you're creating or working on a tarot, many things beyond your control can effect the end result. In the case of The Wildwood Tarot not only were we re-crafting an earlier version ( The Greenwood Tarot) but we faced limitations of extent in the text. Also we simply were often so excited, so carried away with the sheer blaze  of creation, that we actually forgot about the card back ! We had discussed this with our artist Will Worthington and decided that a tree motif would be a part of it... but somehow, when It came to handing  in the  finished deck, we forgot.  So, when it came around to the second edition - thanks to all those who took the new version of an old favourite to their hearts - we turned our thoughts to completing two omissions.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wildwood Tarot | New Printing Arrives in the Wildshop!

We are very pleased to announce that we have copies of the newly printed Wildwood Tarot for sale via The Wildshop!

This printing has the revised card-back detail and additional wording in the accompanying book as per our earlier blog posting here.

And don't forget, that when you order direct from the Wildwood Tarot creators, you will receive a postcard signed by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

John Matthews | The Shadow of Ecstasy | 5 Vessels

Wildwood Tarot, 5 Vessels - Will Worthington

More than one Tarotist has commented on the unusual interpretation of the Five of Vessels (or Cups as they would be in a traditional tarot) which diverges from the general interpretation of this card in classic tarot. 

In fact, the reason for this springs from a desire to follow the journey of the Wanderer (The Fool) through the entire deck, and to acknowledge the experiences that he/she (our Wildwood Fool is non-gender specific) encounters along the way. If we explore the ‘story’ underlying the suit of Vessels we see how this works.